Frequently Asked Questions

Are long appointments offered?
Long appointments are offered so that parents and patients receive appropriate care.
Can siblings attend?
Siblings are very welcome and yes we have toys!
Are adults seen at this clinic?
Julie also treats adults. For those with chronic illnesses a collaborative agreement can be set up with your GP to enable better access to the care that you require. Repeat prescriptions and blood tests can also be arranged according to your GP health care plan. Julie also treats general concerns and can write medical certificates for sick leave.
Will I get a copy of my child’s summary notes from the appointment?
A letter outlining your appointment findings and plan will be sent to your address or email. Copies can also be sent to your GP or specialist as requested.
What is functional health testing?
Functional health testing is used to investigate functional, biochemical, nutritional, and metabolic causes of disease. Results assist those patients seeking a holistic approach to health, and often used in combination with conventional medical approaches. If you have any questions, please ask about this service at your appointment.